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30mm Mini Wooden Clothes Pegs with 18mm Stars

30mm Mini Wooden Clothes Pegs with 18mm Stars

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Illuminate your festive celebrations and craft projects with the 30mm Mini Wooden Clothes Pegs with 18mm Stars. Combining the practicality of clothes pegs with the enchanting allure of wooden stars, these decorative pegs offer a novel way to elevate your crafts, Christmas decor, and special occasions. Whether it's suspending Christmas cards or enhancing a homemade gift, these star-adorned pegs will surely delight. Let's delve into their features and explore various ways to employ them.


  • Size: Each peg measures approximately 30mm, with an attached wooden star that's 18mm across, crafting a harmonious balance in design.
  • Material: Made with quality wood, these pegs offer a natural, rustic aesthetic that resonates with various themes.
  • Color and Style Options: Select from 10 captivating colors and styles to match your specific taste or project needs.
  • Pack Sizes: Conveniently available in different pack sizes including 10, 25, 50, and 100, allowing flexibility in choosing the right quantity.
  • Versatile Design: The blend of wooden clothes pegs and star embellishments make these items adaptable to diverse applications.
  • Seasonal Appeal: Especially appealing during the festive season, thanks to the star motif.


  • Christmas Card Display: Clip and display Christmas cards in a fun, festive manner around your home.
  • Crafting Projects: Incorporate into scrapbooks, greeting cards, or gift wrapping for an added touch of magic.
  • Event Decoration: Use them to clip name tags, menus, or decorative elements at parties or seasonal events.
  • Gift Packaging: Enhance gift packaging by clipping these starry pegs to gift bags or boxes.
  • Photo Hanging: Create a decorative photo hanging arrangement to showcase your favorite memories.
  • Educational Activities: They can be used in classrooms for learning activities like counting and sorting.
  • Table Setting: Clip them to napkins or place cards to add a spark to your festive table setting.
  • Wedding Decor: Ideal for a star-themed wedding, they can be used to attach seating arrangements or favor tags.

These 30mm Mini Wooden Clothes Pegs with 18mm Stars bring a touch of celestial charm to various creative projects and celebrations. Their versatile design and varied color options provide endless opportunities to create something beautiful and unique. Whether it's the holiday season or a starry night-themed party, these pegs provide an artistic flair that will enchant your guests and add an extra sparkle to your crafts.

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