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50 Mix Wooden Christmas Snowflakes

50 Mix Wooden Christmas Snowflakes

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Create a winter wonderland with these 50 Mixed Wooden Christmas Snowflakes, designed to infuse your festive crafts with the beauty and tranquility of snow. These detailed snowflakes capture the essence of a white Christmas, perfect for a wide range of craft projects.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Design: Each snowflake is carefully crafted, offering intricate details that replicate the uniqueness of natural snowflakes.
  • Mixed Sizes: Ranging between 20-25mm, these snowflakes offer diversity in size, allowing for various creative applications.
  • Colour Options: Choose from 8 different colours to match your winter theme or mix them for a more vibrant display.
  • Pack of 50: With approximately 50 pieces in each pack, you have enough to create multiple projects or add generous embellishments.

Ideal Uses:

  • Cardmaking: Add a touch of winter magic to your Christmas cards, invitations, or thank you notes.
  • Scrapbooking: Chronicle your holiday memories with these snowflakes as charming accents on your scrapbook pages.
  • Christmas Crafts: Whether you're making ornaments, garlands, or gift tags, these snowflakes provide a festive touch.
  • Holiday Decor: Incorporate these into your holiday decor for a seasonal look that delights both young and old.

These wooden snowflakes are not just shapes but artistic expressions of winter's grace. Let them dance across your crafts, mimicking the peaceful snowfall of a quiet winter's night. Enjoy the endless creativity they offer, knowing that each snowflake, like the real ones, is a special touch in your winter-themed masterpiece!

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