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25mm Resin Bow Flatbacks - Pack of 20

25mm Resin Bow Flatbacks - Pack of 20

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Embrace creativity and elegance with our 25mm Resin Bow Flatbacks, a perfect addition to your crafting supplies. Whether you're an avid scrapbooker, card maker, or love to decorate various craft projects, these resin bow embellishments are designed to add a touch of charm and sophistication. Explore the features and uses of these beautiful flatbacks to enhance your next project.


  • Size: These delightful bows are approximately 25mm in size, offering a noticeable yet balanced presence in your craft designs.
  • Variety of Colours: Available in 11 unique colour options, providing you with the flexibility to match various themes and palettes.
  • Pack of 20: Each pack contains approximately 20 resin bow flatbacks, ensuring you have enough pieces for multiple projects.
  • Shabby Chic Style: The resin bows are crafted in a shabby chic design, evoking a vintage, romantic feel.
  • Quality Material: Made from high-quality resin, these flatbacks are durable and designed to maintain their appearance.


  • Cardmaking: Add an elegant touch to handmade greeting cards or invitations with these bow embellishments.
  • Scrapbooking: Incorporate into scrapbook layouts to accentuate memories and highlight special events.
  • Jewelry Making: Create unique pieces of jewelry, such as brooches or earrings, using these resin bows.
  • Decorative Gift Wrapping: Enhance gift wrapping with these bows as a sophisticated touch to presents.
  • Home Decor Projects: Use them in DIY home decor items such as picture frames, shadow boxes, or wall art.
  • Wedding & Party Decor: These flatbacks can be used to adorn wedding favors, place cards, or table centerpieces for a cohesive theme.

From expressing love and appreciation through personalized cards to embellishing gifts and decor, the 25mm Resin Bow Flatbacks are versatile enough to fit various creative applications. Their soft shabby chic appeal and wide range of colours enable you to explore different artistic avenues, turning ordinary projects into extraordinary keepsakes. Enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of these flatbacks as you craft heartfelt creations.

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