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Mini 9x12mm Ladybirds Self Adhesive Wooden Ladybug Wood Toppers

Mini 9x12mm Ladybirds Self Adhesive Wooden Ladybug Wood Toppers

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Transform your crafting experience with our Mini 9x12mm Ladybirds, adorable wooden toppers that bring a whimsical touch to any project. Whether you're crafting cards, scrapbooking, or adding flair to various DIY projects, these self-adhesive wooden Ladybirds are just the embellishment you need.

  • Quality Material: Made from wooden material, these Ladybirds offer an authentic, rustic feel, adding warmth and character to your creations.
  • Convenient Size: Each Ladybird measures approximately 9mm x 12mm, making them the perfect size for various projects, ensuring they stand out without overpowering your design.
  • Easy to Attach: With a self-adhesive spot at the back, these Ladybirds are easy to attach to various surfaces, allowing for quick and hassle-free application.
  • Colour Variety: Available in 8 vibrant colour options, you can choose the perfect hue to complement any theme or project, ensuring your creations are as unique as they are eye-catching.
  • Flexible Pack Sizes: Whether you need just a handful or a bulk amount, we've got you covered with pack sizes ranging from 50 to 1000, providing convenience and flexibility for your crafting needs.


  • Card Making: Perfect for adorning greeting cards or invitations, these Ladybirds add a charming and playful touch, delighting your recipients and making your cards truly memorable.
  • Scrapbooking: Liven up your memory albums with these cute Ladybirds, adding a whimsical and nostalgic element to your cherished memories.
  • Home Décor: Use them in various home décor projects like wall art or in children’s rooms for a playful effect, adding a dash of personality and character to your living spaces.
  • Educational Crafts: Great for school projects and teaching aids, these Ladybirds make learning interactive and fun, sparking curiosity and imagination in young minds.

Take your crafting to the next level with our Mini 9x12mm Ladybirds. Offering convenience, variety, and loads of character, they’re the perfect addition to make your projects buzz with creativity.

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