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50 Mixed Size Natural Plain Wood Stars
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50 Mixed Size Natural Plain Wood Stars

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Unleash your creativity with our 50 Mixed Size Natural Plain Wood Stars, the perfect embellishment for a myriad of crafting projects. Made from high-quality wood, each star is approximately 1.5mm thick and comes in a delightful mix of 9mm, 20mm, and 30mm sizes. Their natural finish provides a blank canvas for you to let your imagination run wild.


  • Mixed Sizes: This package comes with a well-rounded assortment of 9mm, 20mm, and 30mm stars, giving you plenty of options for different crafts.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each star is precisely cut and is approximately 1.5mm thick, ensuring a durable and long-lasting craft embellishment.

  • Pack of 50: A generous pack size to offer you great value and sufficient quantity for multiple craft projects.

  • Natural Finish: These stars come in a natural, unfinished state, offering limitless potential for customisation.


  • Scrapbooking: Ideal for creating intricate layouts and for adding a rustic touch to your memory albums.

  • Cardmaking: Elevate the look of your homemade cards with these adorable wooden stars.

  • Home Décor: Incorporate these stars into a wall hanging, table centrepiece, or even a mobile for a child’s room.

  • Festive Crafts: Although not limited to any season, these stars are great for adding a celestial touch to holiday decorations.

  • Sewing: Attach these wooden elements to fabric crafts like quilts or garments for added texture and aesthetic appeal.

With their natural finish and varied sizes, these 50 Mixed Size Natural Plain Wood Stars are the perfect craft embellishment for artisans of all skill levels. Whether it's a handmade card or a wall hanging, these wooden stars will enrich your creations with their undeniable charm.

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