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18mm Wooden Craft Coloured Hearts

18mm Wooden Craft Coloured Hearts

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Add a touch of romance to your special day or craft projects with these 18mm Wooden Craft Coloured Hearts. These intricately cut wooden hearts, with their delicate size and beautiful finish, are perfect for enhancing various creative applications.

Key Features:

  • 18mm Size: Each heart measures approximately 18mm in width and 1.5mm thick, making them an elegant addition to any project.
  • Shabby Chic Style: These hearts exude a rustic charm, making them perfect for shabby chic weddings and vintage-themed crafts.
  • 17 Colour Options: Choose from a wide array of beautiful colors to match your theme or mood. Please note that there may be slight variations in colour and size.
  • Versatile Crafting Accessory: The wooden hearts can be used across a myriad of creative endeavours, offering endless opportunities for personalisation.

Versatile Uses:

  • Wedding Decorations: Scatter these hearts on tables or incorporate them into centrepieces for a touch of love on your big day.
  • Invitations and Stationary: Adorn wedding invitations or thank-you cards with these hearts for a personal and heartfelt touch.
  • Scrapbooking and Memory Albums: Add a romantic flair to scrapbook pages or memory albums to commemorate special moments.
  • Home Décor Projects: Use these hearts in DIY projects like wreaths, frames, or wall hangings to create charming home decorations.
  • Gift Embellishments: Enhance gift wrapping by adding a wooden heart, making the present even more special.
  • Children's Art and Crafts: Let your little ones explore their creativity with these safe and fun wooden hearts.

These 18mm Wooden Craft Coloured Hearts offer a unique way to express love and affection in various creative contexts. Whether you're preparing for a wedding, crafting a memorable gift, or creating a piece of art, these wooden hearts are sure to infuse warmth and elegance into your designs. Let your creativity bloom with these delightful wooden hearts!

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