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50 Mix Glitter Star 13mm Resin Buttons

50 Mix Glitter Star 13mm Resin Buttons

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Add a touch of celestial sparkle to your crafting ventures with our 50 Mix Glitter Star 13mm Resin Buttons. These scintillating star-shaped buttons come in a wide range of colours, each imbued with glitter for that extra dazzle. Ideal for a plethora of craft projects, from cardmaking and scrapbooking to sewing, these buttons are a versatile yet glamorous addition to your crafting toolkit.


  • High-Quality Resin: Made from durable resin material, these buttons are built to last, ensuring your crafts remain timeless.
  • Radiant Aesthetic: Each button boasts a glittery finish, bringing a luminous sparkle to any project.
  • Size Specifics: The buttons come in a uniform 13mm size, making them easily adaptable to a variety of uses.
  • Vibrant Colour Range: Choose from an impressive 16 colour options to best match your project's theme.
  • Generous Pack Size: With 50 buttons in each pack, you'll have ample to play with for multiple projects.


  • Cardmaking: Embellish your handmade cards with these sparkling buttons for a whimsical, starry touch.
  • Scrapbooking: Accentuate your scrapbook pages with a splash of celestial glamour.
  • Sewing Projects: Attach these buttons to garments or home textiles for a dash of whimsy and charm.
  • Home Décor: These buttons make delightful additions to cushions, picture frames, or wall art.
  • Gift Customisation: Adorn your gift tags or boxes with these glittery stars for a truly special presentation.

Ignite your creativity and add a sprinkle of heavenly glamour to your craft projects with our 50 Mix Glitter Star 13mm Resin Buttons. Available in a rich array of 16 colours, these versatile buttons are perfect for bringing life and sparkle to all your handmade crafts. Choose your favourite colours or mix and match for an eclectic look.

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